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Best Social Media Analytics Tools

We’ve gathered some social media analytics tools to get an audience insight for your social media marketing campaigns. By discovering these tools you will learn more about Twitter analytics, Facebook analytics, and many more. Here are the best ones that suit your small business and digital marketing agency.

DAN Member Tools
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A user-friendly social media management tool designed to engage and support customers on social media, automate reporting, schedule posts, connect your teams, and untangle your workflows. Perfect for agencies, small and growing businesses, and eCommerce sellers.

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DashThis is the easiest automated marketing reporting tool created to help marketers save hours of work and create their reports in the blink of an eye. Our support team are real reporting experts and we promise to offer the best customer experience there is.

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Take control of your social media! Stay organized, save time, and easily manage your social media with Agorapulse’s inbox, publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration tools.

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Whatagraph is an online platform used by marketing agencies, in-house marketing departments and freelancers to review, monitor and report on the performance of their marketing campaigns. Whatagraph pulls data from multiple channels directly integrated into the platform.

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Make data-driven decisions about future activities across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok! Save time and money with Iconosquare's in-depth analytics, automated reporting, and post scheduling.

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  • alerti-social-media-analytics-tool

    Alerti is a web and social media monitoring and analytics software suite. A must-have tool for online businesses, Alerti helps brands improve their online reputation, increase their revenue and enhance customer relationship.

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  • amplifr-social-media-analytics-tool

    The easiest way to publish and analyze content on social media for media companies, e-commerce and small businesses.

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  • analisaio-social-media-analytics-tool is an AI-powered social analytics tool that provides Instagram analytics & TikTok analytics to businesses of every type and size.

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  • brandmentions-social-media-analytics-tool

    BrandMentions allows you to permanently monitor the web and social media for direct mentions of any business, track trending topics and proactively launch your brand into the conversation.

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  • buffer-social-media-marketing-tool

    Buffer is an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive meaningful engagement and results on social media. They have a suite of products for publishing, engagement, analytics, and collaboration.

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  • coosto-social-media-analytics-tool

    Coosto is a comprehensive social media management tool for social listening, social customer service and content publishing.

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  • crowdbabble-social-media-analytics-tool

    Crowdbabble helps businesses improve social media engagement with their audience through powerful social media analytics and reports.

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  • customscoop-social-media-analytics-tool

    CustomScoop provides media monitoring and analysis across all types of media online, social and broadcast, allowing their clients to make well-informed business decisions.

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  • falcon-io-social-media-analytics-tool provides a unified SaaS platform for social media listening, advertising, engaging, publishing, and analytics. They enable our clients to explore the full potential of digital marketing by managing multiple customer touchpoints from one platform.

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  • fanbooster-social-media-analytics-tool

    Simplify your social media analyzing&reporting and gain powerful insight from social data to inform smart business decisions. Track your posts and deliver high-quality reports to clients.

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  • hootsuite-social-media-management-tool

    Hootsuite is the global leader in social media management and trusted by more than 18 million customers and employees. Unparalleled expertise, customer insights at scale, and collaborative ecosystem help people and organizations succeed with social.

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  • hopper-hq-social-media-anlaytics-tool
    Hopper HQ

    Hopper HQ is a social media management solution designed to help digital marketers and small businesses create, plan, and schedule posts across online channels.

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  • keyhole-social-media-monitoring-tool

    Keyhole is a unified platform for hashtag analytics. The real-time dashboard is used by organizations like Google, Amazon and LinkedIn. Monitor real-time conversations to protect your brand online, stay ahead of competitors and improve your social media strategy.

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  • listenfirst-social-media-analytics-tool

    ListenFirst is a social analytics solution by the world’s leading brands. They offer an easy, one-stop solution to optimize social media marketing and maximize ROI.

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  • minterio-social-media-analytics-tool

    Minter is a company that provides Instagram analytics account and hashtag analytics for business.

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  • nuvi-social-media-analytics-tool

    NUVI offers solutions for full lifecycle marketing across every content touchpoints from listening and sentiment to planning, development, production, and distribution through monitoring and analysis.

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  • outsmart-social-media-analytics-tool

    Outsmart is a powerful and affordable internet service that automatically collects cross-channel analytics from various online marketing channels and presents it as highly informative and actionable insights.

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  • rivaliq-social-media-analytics-tool
    Rival IQ

    Rival IQ delivers analytics and competitive insights to help digital marketers make informed decisions, improve results, and better understand competitors.

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  • sentione-social-media-analytics-tool

    SentiOne monitors the social media, portals, forums, and blogs globally using proprietary algorithms, collects public mentions, and automatically analyses them for consumer insights.

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  • sharemyinsights-social-media-analytics-tool

    ShareMyInsights is an Instagram analytics and insights tool for brands and teams. With ShareMyInsights, you can track, analyze and optimize your Instagram marketing.

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  • shield-social-media-analytics-tool

    SHIELD is LinkedIn analytics platform to empower you to drive meaningful engagement with your target audience through organic content.

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  • social-status-social-media-analytics-tool
    Social Status

    Social Status is a social media analytics platform used by thousands of marketers, businesses and agencies all around the world. Social Status automates social media reporting for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

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  • socialbakers-social-media-marketing-tool

    Socialbakers Suite is a trusted social media marketing platform for thousands of businesses of every size. The Suite leverages the power of machine learning to help brands make smarter investments in their social media strategies.

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  • socialfox-social-media-analytics-tool

    SocialFox helps businesses create more engaging social media marketing content. Their analytics tools monitor customer and competitor trends, providing advice on what content to publish and when.

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  • socialinsider-social-media-analytics-tool

    Socialinsider is social media analytics, reporting and benchmarking tool that aims to deliver quality insights to digital agencies.

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  • socialrank-social-media-analytics-tool

    SocialRank is the easiest way to identify, organize and manage your audience on social media.

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  • sotrender-social-media-analytics-tool

    Sotrender provides you with multiple solutions to analyze and optimize your performance in social media, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram YouTube, as well as to check your results against the competition and to execute decisions into practice.

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  • sprout-social-social-media-management-tool
    Sprout Social

    Sprout Social enables brands to find, form, and deepen the connections with their social audience. A suite of deep listening and analytics and social management enable organizations and brands of all sizes to be more open, real, and empathetic on social.

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  • squarelovin-social-media-analytics-tool

    squarelovin is a Hamburg-based SaaS offers the most advanced solutions for Instagram analytics, social commerce and visual marketing.

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  • swatio-social-media-analytics-tool is specially designed for the requirements of professional social media teams managing a large number of channels across all different kinds of platforms.

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  • unbox-social-social-media-analytics-tool
    Unbox Social

    Unbox Social is a powerful social media analytics and reporting tool. It aims to enhance the performance of social media managers, at Brands and/or Agencies, by providing them with the most important metrics and analytics across all platforms in one place.

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  • union-metrics-social-media-analytics-tool
    Union Metrics

    Union Metrics provides social intelligence for marketers. With their analytics, you'll learn how to craft a more effective social strategy and improve your performance on social media.

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  • unmetric-social-media-analytics-tool

    Unmetric's enterprise platform enables digital marketers to research, plan, and optimize branded social content, and analysts to report on learnings to create more engaging content.

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  • vaizle-social-media-analytics-tool

    Vaizle is a social media analytics tool for startups and enterprises who need actionable insights in the simplest possible way when their company is benchmarked against their past performance and their competitors.

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What are Social Media Analytics Tools?

Social media analytics platforms collect data provided by social media platforms to create meaningful insights to improve social media marketing campaigns. Data analysis is critical for creating a successful social media strategy. So, agencies and SMBs need to get help from the best social media analytics tools.


Social media platforms are a great place for consumers to meet brands that help connect with their audience, increase sales and drive traffic. The success of businesses depends on tracking audience insights regularly and accurately. Simply, social media analytics covers the elements of data analysis, social listening and sentiment analysis. Businesses of all sizes need social media analytics software while they measure their social media performance.


On the agencies side, they use social network analytics software to track each client’s social media channels’ performance and make data-driven decisions. On the other hand, social media analytics tools for eCommerce inform businesses mentions, conversations and feedback about their brand or product. The social listening feature can help understand better and answer fully your social network needs.


What are the Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Agencies?


The best social media analytics platforms vary depending on each business needs. For this reason, it would not be fair to point out only one solution that fits all needs. Social media analytics tools for agencies should offer some of the key features such as a high level of performance report, competitor analysis, review management, social listening, tag and comment management, real time analytics and more.


The majority of social media management tools come with social analytics, monitoring or even influencer marketing solutions. If you are a social media marketer who seeks in-depth analytics solutions to learn more about what your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram data is saying, proper social media analytics software works best for you. If you are tight on budget, you can start with analytics tools that offer a free trial or find out the best free social media analytics tools above-mentioned. Google Analytics is one of the best options to start with, which everyone must experience at least once in their life.

What are the Features of Social Media Analytics Software?

In-depth Reporting

As an agency, your clients want to see how the performance of the campaigns goes. Creating reports manually for each client may cause errors and also take time, social media analytics tools for agencies do it for you. Plus, metrics may differ for each scenario so that the analytics tool lets you prioritize your historical data to watch.


Custom Metrics

Allowing custom metrics can take your analytics to the next level. If the best social media analytics tools don’t let you keep track of the key metrics for you, they don’t make any sense for your agency. Depending on your industry, it would be efficient to add/remove the metrics you want easily into your dashboard.


All Data In One Place

A great analytics tool should combine all your social media analytics data in one steady place. If you would like to reach your detailed Twitter analytics data for specific dates, the social media analytics software should easily do that. You can also separate the data you want to analyze closely in the dashboard.


Easy Data Exportation

Social media data should be easily imported from social media channels. If you are planning to present the metrics to your clients, it is better to gather all key metrics in a detailed report. Otherwise, the metrics won’t make any sense. Checking on the supported file formats also would be great.


Competitive Benchmarking

Social media benchmarking is a must. It helps figure out the gap between your existing and desired performance. If you can get meaningful insights about your marketing campaigns’ overall performance that includes best and worst-performing points, you can be a step ahead of your competitors.


Multiple Integrations

Being able to connect all your social data and gain insights from them can only be possible if the social media analytics platforms offer various integration opportunities. This variety saves you time and boosts your productivity. So, you can reach important data through other digital marketing platforms.

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