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Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

We’ve compiled a list of the best Influencer Marketing Platforms that provide both new influencer discovery and potential influencer database for brands and agencies to boost their marketing campaigns. Discover the best ones for influencer discovery.

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Create modern digital marketing tools.

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KonnectBio helps influencers and brands turn followers into customers. Allows influencers to partner with brands and promote affiliate links, schedule Instagram posts, search user-generated content and create an exclusive micro-site called BioShop for followers.

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Influencer marketing for everyone. Join the over 16,000+ brands and agencies using Intellifluence to connect with influencers worldwide.

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  • afluencer-influencer-marketing-platform

    With Afluencer, you can find the ideal collaborations for your niche. You can search for your interests, requirements, channels, and more.

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  • brandsnob-influencer-marketing-platforms

    BrandSnob is a mobile app that makes it simple for brands and influencers to collaborate. It has become widely recognized as one of the best tools to help brands with their collaborations.

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  • buzzguru-influencer-marketing-platforms

    BuzzGuru is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform to go through all the stages of a campaign planning and executing, getting data and real-time statistics in one click.

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  • dovetale-social-media-marketing-tool

    The Dovetale platform provides an affordable set of tools needed to manage and scale influencer marketing. Dovetale is trusted by e-commerce merchants on Shopify and some of the largest agencies and brands in the world like Procter & Gamble and Publicis.

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  • grin-social-media-marketing-tool

    All-in-one best influencer marketing platform to build all your influencer relationships. GRIN is the #1 influencer marketing platform that helps you find, recruit, and manage authentic relationships to build big-time brand love.

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  • grouphigh-influencer-marketing-platform

    GroupHigh is a marketing software platform used by more than 400 agencies and brands to identify bloggers, social media profiles, and manage the outreach marketing process.

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  • heartbeat-influencer-marketing-platform

    Their technology gives you easy-to-use tools to build a community of eager brand loyalists, and activate them to answer survey questions, engage with your content, and create trackable nano-influencer marketing campaigns.

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  • hivency-influencer-marketing-tools

    Hivency brings consumers, influencers and brands together around authentic customer experiences.The platform allows you to connect with the right brands and the right products for successful collaborations.

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  • hypeauditor-social-media-marketing-tool

    HypeAuditor is a comprehensive set of tools to discover and analyze influencers for your marketing campaigns. It also finds fake or ghost followers. Users mostly use HypeAuditor to do in-depth market research and competitors analysis.

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  • hypr-influencer-marketing-platform

    HYPR is the data-driven influencer marketing platform built for marketers. It connects with micro-influencers, as well as performance tracking solutions, into a market severely lacking in technology.

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  • influencerdb-influencer-marketing-platform

    InfluencerDB is a leading influencer marketing technology company. With InfluencerDB, businesses of all sizes around the globe have access to world-class software for their Influencer Community Management.

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  • influencity-social-media-marketing-tool

    Influencity is the most complete AI-powered influencer marketing platform. They provide over 60 functionalities that will adjust to your own workflows to successfully execute end-to-end influencer campaigns.

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  • inzpireme-influencer-marketing-platform

    They help brands & agencies run industry-leading influencer marketing campaigns through our expertise, technology, and hands-on support.

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  • izea-influencer-marketing-platform

    IZEA is a marketing technology company providing software and professional services that enable brands to collaborate and transact with the full spectrum of today’s top social influencers and content creators.

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  • join-influencer-marketing-platform

    Join is the leading influencer marketing platform built with best-off-class technology that allows influencers, brands and agencies to collaborate worldwide.

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  • julius-influencer-marketing-platform

    Julius is an end-to-end influencer marketing software solution, offering influencer search and discovery, campaign management, and a robust reporting suite.

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  • keepface-influencer-marketing-platform

    Keepface is a SaaS tool for brands to run influencer marketing, employee & customer advocacy campaigns through a single platform for maximizing marketing ROI.

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  • klear-influencer-marketing-platform

    Klear enables brands to quickly identify the most relevant key influencers in their verticals based upon their target audience or demographics of their followers according to the brand’s strategy.

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  • lefty-influencer-marketing-platform

    Lefty helps brands & agencies manage top-performing influencer programs: talent discovery & qualification, relationship management, automated campaign reporting, performance measurement and competitive benchmarking.

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  • linqia-influencer-marketing-platform

    Linqia leads the influencer marketing industry and they partner with brands and agencies to understand their unique needs and goals and build a custom program to deliver success.

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  • neoreach-influencer-marketing-platform

    NeoReach offers cloud-based software for brands and agencies to automate influencer marketing. Their SaaS platform enables marketing teams to search through influencer profiles, analyze their audience demographics, manage large-scale campaigns, and measure their ROI.

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  • pitchbox-influencer-marketing-platform

    Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and content marketing platform for brands, digital marketing agencies and growth hackers.

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  • pixlee-influencer-marketing-platform

    By Pixlee, you can easily find, manage, publish, and measure influencer content in one easy to use their platform.

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  • promoty-influencer-marketing-tools

    An influencer relationship management tool for brands and agencies.

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  • sideqik-influencer-marketing-platform

    Sideqik is your end-to-end influencer marketing platform. They help you understand what has influenced your brand in the past and know in real-time what influencers are talking about your brand right now.

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  • socialix-influencer-marketing-platform

    Socialix is an influencer relationship management suite for brands & agencies. Influencers are organized in a CRM, with enriched profiles and a streamlined workflow for campaigns.

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  • stellar-influencer-marketing-platform

    Stellar is the first comprehensive toolbox that will help you find the right influencers for your collaborations, analyse their audiences and plan & monitor your campaigns.

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  • tapinfluence-influencer-marketing-platform

    TapInfluence is a SaaS platform that empowers consumers to make better purchasing decisions. Through their automation, they help brands put authenticity back into their messaging and communications by connecting them with trusted voices in their industry.

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  • tidal-influencer-marketing-platform

    The internet is fueled by passionate storytellers. Their technology inspires engagement through personable content from the world's top creators.

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  • traackr-influencer-marketing-platform

    Traackr is the system of record for data-driven influencer marketing that marketers use to invest in the right strategies, streamline campaigns, and scale programs.

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  • upfluence-influencer-marketing-platform

    Upfluence helps brands drive online sales through organic influencer partnerships. Upfluence leverages social data, brand affinity and authenticity to turn your customers into your best-performing influencers.

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  • webfluential-influencer-marketing-platform

    Webfluential is a global Influencer Marketing platform that provides the smartest marketing technology for brands to connect to social influencers.

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  • woomio-influencer-marketing-platform

    Woomio helps marketers and agencies excel in influencer marketing by providing the tools necessary to discover influencers, predict campaigns and measure ROI. They believe that digital content creator advertising delivers the highest value for companies.

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What Is an Influencer Marketing Tool?

Today’s changing conditions have brought many innovations in the digital marketing world. No doubt that one of the most powerful innovations has been made in influencer marketing. While a social media platform is an ideal way to reach prospects and customers, an influencer marketing platform for small business is excellent for brands.


Influencer marketing platforms for agencies simply target potential influencers who can work with their brand, product or service campaigns. When the targeting is done properly, it will bring a high volume of sales leads and so high engagement rates. Not only do influencer marketing platforms offer high-quality sales leads, but they also offer a wide platform that gathers brands and influencers together. You can browse through a list of influencers and choose the best ones in terms of your business needs. Once you find the right influencers, you will immediately start getting benefits from the marketing platform.


Why Do You Use Influencer Marketing Platforms?


Influencer marketing platforms make things easier for agencies and brands. While they help manage influencer marketing campaigns, on the other hand, they carry out influencer discovery processes. These marketing tools give the possibility for extremely high ROI as campaigns have unlimited potential. This unlimited potential quickly grows brand awareness and attracts consumers’ attention over and over again. Once you start working with influencers that will help build a great relationship between your brand and audience. So, it will be a win-win partnership for sure.


Selecting an influencer among a million influencers is tough. Influencer relationship management systems help filter out the most relevant ones for your projects. You can scroll through each influencer profile and pick the one that serves the biggest benefits to your social networks.


Most influencers in some way content creators have their own specialized fields. Some generate content specifically for Instagram and Youtube, while others focus on other social platforms. As Youtube is a home for influencers, brands tend to use influencer marketing platforms to find Youtube influencers, manage and analyze their campaigns.


Which Is The Best Platform For Influencer Marketing?


The context of “the best” varies depending on the needs. Influencer marketing tools that are good for some businesses may not be good for you. So, it would be better to specify your business needs early on. No doubt that partnering with influencers serves as a bridge with your brand and consumers. So, it is clear that using influencer marketing platforms significantly adds value to your brand. Since every business has unique needs, the deciding part is up to you.

Key Features of The Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

In-depth Search & Discovery

Each influencer marketing software for agencies and small businesses come with a huge data of influencers that specialize in different categories. The marketing platform assists you along the way in choosing the right influencer for your campaigns. AI powered system suggests and lists only the potential influencers for a particular campaign.

understanding of your needs

Easy Campaign Creation

The influencer marketing platform you choose needs to be clear on what it’s offering to you. As influencer marketing is a hot topic, you don’t want to spend some time on how to create campaigns and manage them. So, it lets you create a campaign when you find the best influencer and also be able to track the process and your budget within the platform.


Detailed Campaign Management

An effective influencer marketing platform should allow brands to easily manage and automate their daily tasks in their influencer marketing campaign. It helps brands keep track of their relationship with influencers. Messaging with influencers, signing contracts, negotiating prices, recording the invoices into the system are just a few of the benefits.


Comprehensive Reporting

Without a reporting feature, an influencer marketing platform cannot go anywhere. An efficient influencer marketing tool must be helping brands track each campaign metric such as views, engagement rates, reaches, real-time analytics, return on investment (ROI) rates and affiliate links.


Advanced Content Management

Through the influencer marketing platform’s dashboard, you can easily manage ad creatives, hashtags, mentions and more. Once you receive content from influencers via the marketing platform, you can edit, analyze, give feedback or even accept or reject it. The influencer also has access to materials provided by you.


Multi-Channel Usage

One of the key facts, when you want to run an influencer marketing campaign effectively is to target potential customers. To do this, you should segment the social media platforms you are using. If you run a campaign for Youtube, you can search through the Youtube influencers and compare their engagement rate with consumers in the Youtube market.

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