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Best Agency Management Software

We’ve compiled a list of Agency Management Software for agencies to manage their business​ in a well organized way​ and​ ​run their operations​ more effectively​. These SaaS solutions ​also ​help agencies of all sizes ​in terms of strengthen​ relationships with clients, ​develop​ marketing efforts, and ​improve the sales performance of their agency.​ Here are the best ones. ​

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Whatagraph is an online platform used by marketing agencies, in-house marketing departments and freelancers to review, monitor and report on the performance of their marketing campaigns. Whatagraph pulls data from multiple channels directly integrated into the platform.

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Teamwork is a flexible project management tool that helps agencies manage multiple client projects with ease. Use Teamwork to track and visualize project progress, manage team workload and easily collaborate with clients. Trusted by over 6,000 agencies worldwide.

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Deliver exceptional creative work, faster with the leading creative collaboration platform for agencies and brands.

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Increase efficiency, manage confidently, and optimize your workforce like never before with Mosaic—AI-powered workforce management software, featuring resource scheduling, project planning, and workforce intelligence tools.

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SEOmonitor is the Agency focused SEO Management platform consisting of 9 products under 3 broad use-cases: manage, research and report. With SEOmonitor you can reliably track the performance of SEO campaigns, efficiently find the best keywords, and quickly understand and act on what’s going on across all SEO campaigns while effectively running reporting processes.

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Forecast is the ultimate upgrade for any project team and organization.

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A new approach to agency-client collaboration.

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Screendragon is a work management platform designed for marketing, agency and professional services teams. It is a fully integrated solution combining project management, resource management & forecasting, creative proofing, workflow automation, budget management and more. It is used and loved by global brands and agencies like Kellogg’s, BP, TBWA and McCann World Group.

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Save time, lower your ad spend and enjoy the best ad performance possible. Adzooma's PPC optimization and automation tools enable you to run multiple advertising campaigns in just minutes per day. Build entire campaigns, make mass changes and easily track performance.

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Productive is an end-to-end platform for agency management. Our tool’s main objective is to provide agencies and service providers with a complete and real-time overview of their business.

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Marketing reporting software designed for agencies. Save time, boost revenue and impress clients with insightful reports and live dashboards. Report on SEO, PPC, call tracking, social media, email marketing, and more with 60+ integrations.

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  • adroll-digital-advertising-tool

    Powered by machine learning and more than a decade of data, the AdRoll Growth Marketing Platform serves as mission control – unifying all data, channels, and measurement – so over 37,000 D2C brands can reach the right customer at the right time.

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  • airtable-sales-automation-tool

    Airtable is a software platform that empowers people to build the solutions they need to drive innovation and increase agility within their teams. Airtable puts the power of a flexible database into the hands of creators.

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  • asana-project-management-tools

    Asana helps teams organize and manage all of their work, from small projects to strategic initiatives. Asana has more than 70,000 paying organizations and millions of free organizations across 195 countries.

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  • copper-crm-tool

    Copper is the easy-to-use CRM for small businesses that need to manage more sales leads & grow customer relationships—but don't have time for data entry, repetitive admin tasks, or complicated tools.

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  • e-silentpartner-agency-management-software

    e·silentpartner is the most innovative cloud PSA for the Ad Agency and Marketing Firms. We make your business structure simple and organized with media planning tools, team collaboration tools, BI Dashboards & mobile/web time entry, PTO, reporting, accounting and more.

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  • filestage-graphic-design-tool

    Filestage is the content review and collaboration platform used by marketing teams, agencies, and media companies. The mission is to free teams from chaotic file review and proofing workflows, with a simple, flexible, and effective asset review management system.

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  • madgicx-digital-advertising-tool

    Madgicx provides you with the knowledge and technological solutions you need to simply optimize Facebook & Google ads. From clear performance analysis through AI audience targeting to ad automation, Madgicx is designed to save you time and maximize your results.

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  • scoro-project-management-tools

    Scoro is an end-to-end business management solution that allows professional and creative services to control their entire workflow from one place.

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  • teamdeck-resource-management-software

    Teamdeck is a complete resource management solution for companies that want to deliver projects faster and maintain a healthy team: resource scheduling, time tracking and leave management.

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  • trello-project-management-tools

    Trello is the visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project. Trello’s boards, lists & cards enable you to organize and prioritize your personal & work life in a fun, flexible, rewarding way.

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  • wrike-collaboration-tool

    Wrike transforms how teams work together to deliver high performance, accelerate business growth, and improve customer experience.

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What is Agency Management Software?

Agency management software refers to a set of tools to help agencies manage their business and marketing related tasks. While it enables agencies to control their client and prospect database, at the same time it optimizes existing agency business processes and increases their productivity. Digital agency management software also offers solutions in such fields as managing projects and workflows, time tracking, invoicing and custom reporting.

Digital agencies want an effective way while they are maintaining their activities. Thanks to agency management software, they can easily manage and track everything about their business in one place. Not only that, but they can also automate multiple processes to make their agency more productive and profitable.


According to the changing demands of each digital agency, the world of agency management software is full of many effective options. This powerful stack provides you with the tools and data you need to run your agency smoothly. Customization capabilities, numerous integration options, easy-to-use and intuitive interface are just some of the features you could ask for to make this happen.


How Do You Manage Your Agency?


Managing an agency is a tough process. As an agency owner or manager, you should be mindful of any matters that can help maintain a healthy agency lifecycle. This relies on making both team members and existing clients happy. During the journey, you might need to get help from a bunch of management software to organize your work processes and keep each team member on the same page. To make this happen, you should be using agency management software that helps manage workflows and also improve communication between team members and clients.


With the project management feature, agencies can create, track and manage an array of projects in one dashboard. This easy to navigate dashboard can show time spent, planned tasks, invoices and even comments or feedback. The drag and drop ability eases the management of projects and tasks and the preparation of daily, weekly or yearly reports. While it is saving time, on the other hand, it is boosting up the agency’s overall efficiency.

Agency management software has been the hub for internal maintenance, as it centralizes all client and prospect data to efficient operations results. This data can be used for predicting cross-selling, re-market and other sales opportunities in the long term. Once all customer data is securely kept in the agency management system, it prevents data, files, emails and documents from missing. Most agency management software provides cloud-based data storing to streamline the real-time information sharing process.


How Much Does an Agency Management System Cost?

There is not a certain cost as most agency management software vendors charge a per-user subscription fee. On the other hand, free agency management software offers essential solutions for what small teams need. If you need more specific solutions such as resource planning, pipeline management, advanced forecasting etc. you should be willing to pay more.

Below, you can find the key criteria while choosing the best agency management software that makes your agency more profitable;

Benefits of Using Agency Management Software

Custom Solutions

While agency management software puts everything in one place, at the same time it offers exclusive solutions for agencies. Custom reporting, integration capabilities, project accounting and invoicing, workflows are just some of the exclusive solutions that are only created for your agency.



Agencies and professional service providers need advanced solutions that can ease the complexity of their projects. Agency management software sparks at that point as it boosts up their overall productivity while saving time. Also, the time spent while doing manual workflow management and reporting is 90% decreased thanks to the management software.


Excellent Client Relationships

Agency management software is a hub that gathers together agencies and their clients. By doing that, agencies and clients can work collaboratively. As a management tool that collects both existing and potential clients data, it helps seamlessly track all communications and activities.


Effective Client Reporting

Client reporting is a crucial part of the agency-client relationship. A global agency approximately has 200 clients and creating reports for each client might be a tough process. Luckily, agency management software can enable agencies to easily collect and segment their client data and create customized reports for each of them.


Members Area

The member area makes the agency and client relationships closer. It allows all members to reach each other through the platform. Clients can know beforehand about updates, discounts or special offers. It also gives clients immediate access to their dedicated manager if they face a problem.


Easily Accessible Customer Service

Problems can arise at any time if you are dealing with client data. So, 24/7 easily accessible and knowledgeable customer service is vital. While it builds trust between you and your clients, at the same time it helps create a professional image of your agency.

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